Safety First

Jump In, Turn Around Technique

Desert Swim School uses several techniques to promote water safety. While other swim programs may focus on only one technique (such as back float to safety only), our philosophy is to combine techniques to give your child all the tools he/she needs to be safe around the water. We do not use the word ‘survival’. We do not want you to think that we can drown-proof your child. Yes, we will give your child every tool possible to be a safer and stronger swimmer; but, please don’t let your guard down. There is no substitute for eye-to-eye contact.

We combine our “Jump In, Turn Around” technique, the back float, and actual swimming skills to give you a balanced approach to water safety.

Our signature technique is the ‘Jump In, Turn Around’, where children enter the pool from the side (from a seated position), turn around in the water, grab onto the side of the pool, and climb out (using ‘elbow, elbow, tummy, knee, knee’). The younger students (Parent/Tot, Beginner, Advanced Beginner) will repeat this exercise several times each lesson. We have received a great deal of feedback from parents that their child’s practice of the ‘Jump In, Turn Around’ has worked in instances where the child has unexpectedly fallen into the pool. There is no substitute for eye-to-eye contact, but it’s always good to be prepared!

Twice per Session – Safety Day (fully clothed)

Another water safety exercise practiced by Desert Swim School is Safety Day. Twice each swim lesson session (4th & 8th lesson), students are asked to bring long clothing to put on over their swimsuits. During the last 5-10 minutes of the lesson, the students will get into the water and swim with clothing on. This exercise is to familiarize your child with the feeling and weight of  clothing in the water. In the event that a child is unattended and falls into a pool or body of water, there is a good chance they will be fully clothed. The feel and weight of their wet clothing could easily disorient them and/or cause panic if they are not familiar with it; therefore, we teach them to perform the ‘Jump In, Turn Around’ technique and other swimming drills with clothing.

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